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Michelle Stern (She/her)


Currently living in

Red Wing, Hay Creek, Featherstone, Minnesota, US

Work Preferences


Open to roles

InternshipShort Term ContractLong Term Employee

I've always been drawn to creative artistic things however haven't done anything like this in a job until I started my own online business in 2020. I have a blog, a book, and an Etsy shop. I share information about holistic wellness as well as create and sell printable PDF's like workbook pages, planner pages, journal pages, and checklists to help people live healthy lifestyles. I've always enjoyed writing (with pen/paper and typing on a typewriter or computer) my entire life. I love collecting, organizing, and sharing information in a creative visual/written way. I love working behind the scenes, by myself. My passions in life are holistic health, music, travel, poetry, and nature. If there was ever a way to combine all 5 of these in one job, it would be truly made for me! I am truly alive when I am at a music festival dancing outside in nature. I go to about 4 or 5 music festivals a year, and ideally I would have a job that would allow me to take a week off at a time for these events. I also greatly enjoy camping. To me, it's important to take breaks in nature on a regular basis for our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It's crucial that I am able to have a job that allows for this work/life balance.

Ideal Workplace Values

The biggest thing I'd be looking for in a workplace would be a place that understood my needs, and were flexible with time off (good work/life balance)

My Badges

Skills and Strengths

My Neuro-exceptional talent

I am great at being creative, and thinking/planning, I'm also a perfectionist so anything I do would be well-thought out before completion. If it's a subject I am heavily interested in, I can go above and beyond my normal duties, possibly wanting to be more involved than I am required to be.

Technical Skills

Top 5 Soft Skills

Working AutonomouslyCreativityCritical ThinkingAttention to Detail

Inclusion Essentials


Send Questions in AdvanceInterviewer Experienced with NeurodiversityExtra TimeAlternate Interview FormatWritten interview instructionsEmail / Calendar OrganizationCommunication PlanConcise InstructionsWritten ChecklistsReceiving Information in AdvanceWritten InstructionsRecorded Tasks & MessagesExtra Time to Process New InformationFlexible SchedulePeriodic Rest BreaksStanding DesksMeditation / Quiet RoomQuiet / Individual WorkspacesJob CoachingSupport Group for StressEmployee Resource GroupSupport with Self-AdvocacyText over voice

Environments I'm comfortable with

Driving a vehicle
Interaction with the public
Heavy lifting
Bright or blinking lights
Loud noises
Variable temperatures
Uniforms (hard hat, hair net, etc.)
Working with animals
Working with food
Outdoors or places with strong smells
Standing for long periods

I thrive best in darker, quieter environments. I prefer a mix of sitting and standing, and a variety of tasks if I must work a full 8 hour shift. If I am allowed to work flexible hours (such as 1-4 hours at a time) then I am ok with just one task. No phones or customer interaction, but ok with co-workers as long as I have my own space, possibly a cubicle or separate room or just more space in general.


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Education and Credentials

Attending since null

High School

High school (or GED)