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Currently living in

Spring Hill, Tennessee, US

Work Preferences


Open to roles

Short Term ContractLong Term Employee

Ideal Workplace Values

I love optimism and gain the greatest value in the workplace by being in an environment in which care is a top characteristic of the culture within the company. Working as a team as well because I have always been told "I make everyone happy" is a great way to bring out the best in me.

My Badges

Skills and Strengths

My Neuro-exceptional talent

I really do love interacting with people and leveraging my experience as a performer while engaging in customer service. I believe that engaging with customers and supporting others through advocacy are where I touch the most lives.

Top 5 Soft Skills

CollaborationActive ListeningCreativityReliabilityLogical Reasoning

Inclusion Essentials

Environments I'm comfortable with

Working with food
Interaction with the public
Bright or blinking lights
Loud noises
Outdoors or places with strong smells
Uniforms (hard hat, hair net, etc.)
Working with animals
Driving a vehicle
Heavy lifting
Standing for long periods
Variable temperatures

I would prefer to work from home


Check out my work

Working since Jan 2018

Certified Bose Artist - Bose

I am a certified Bose Artist, I have traveled to Guitar Centers throughout the country acting as a representative, cleaning displays, educating customers on the Bose professional PA's as well as demoing the units and performing in store, I also am required to make reports. I am not an employee of Bose, I work as a vendor.

Working since Apr 1995

Singer songwriter self employed - Self employed singer songwriter.

I booked and performed gigs all over the country, managed band members. Maintained relationships with club owners and booking agents.

Education and Credentials

Attending since null

High School

High school (or GED)

Attending since null

Post-secondary certificate