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Job PostingResearch Assistant at DisWeekly

Full Time Internship
No location requirement (USA)
Between 25 - 44 USD Per Hour

What will you do in this job?

Research Assistant

I'm hiring a research assistant to help me build a platform that drives disability care innovation.


What you'll do:

Research stuff on all things disability care, disability care innovation, and innovation more broadly (yes we’ll be playing with LLMs and generative AI!). 


We will be driving towards unique, actionable insights to share with a network of 1000+ disability care change makers. You need to help me come with fire every week.


I have a Notion setup for idea capture and synthesis. You'll put content ideas in the Notion system throughout the week in a format that I created. 


You'll talk to sources, research stuff online, tweet at people, DM them


How we'll work together:

Mostly via slack and asynchronously; no recurring meetings but we will meet infrequently to align on process and key research projects.


We'll likely work in a few different ways...

I'll tell you a person I'm interested in learning about. You'll go talk to them and give me notes. Or you'll research them and summarize them using articles.

I'll have a business, trend, or idea that interests me. You'll go find out about it and summarize.

You'll spot interesting things. You'll give me a headline description. If i'm interested, you summarize it.



You're a contractor. Hourly rate. Will come out to $500-1k per month. This isn't a full time job. 

It will require 10-20 hours a month.

What you're good at:

Good taste. This is most important. You must know what type of content and information will be useful and engaging for people looking to change the world of disability care. When you summarize stuff for me, you need to give me the meat, not extra crap.


Good writer. Simple, clear language. 


Excellence reflex. Don't be sloppy. This community deserves excellence. If you get a detail wrong and I share it with the broader community, you get a warning. If it happens a second time, we part ways. Facts need to be correct. If they're not, the community will lose trust and valuable time for the broader disability community. If they're guesses, you can say they're guesses. No typos. I make the typos (a lot ;-) You need to be on top of stuff. We can't both be sloppy.


Humorous. You’ll need a little gumption and quirkiness to you.


Preferred Qualifications


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