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Job ProfileProduct Owner at Pinnacol Assurance

Full Time
Long Term Employee
Alaska Time (AT), Mountain Time (MT)
and 4 others
Denver, CO

What will you do in this job?

Pinnacol Assurance does just one thing, and does it better than anyone: provide caring workers’ compensation protection to Colorado employers and employees. And while we may be a little biased, we believe that our work shapes communities and changes lives.

We have big hearts and love big ideas. We’ve been around for more than  100 years, but don’t let that fool you. Pinnacol is committed to taking care of Colorado employers and workers in the most innovative ways. We celebrate continuous improvement, new ideas, compassion, teamwork, integrity and excellence.

With our number one priority to keep everyone safe, along with the heart of Pinnacol’s “culture of caring” to do what is right and not what is easy, we’re currently having our team members work from home. But we’re still making time for fun with virtual events like virtual painting classes, virtual yoga and Zumba classes, and virtual happy hours!

What you’ll do:

As a Product Owner, you will be a key link to the translation of ambitious new innovation ideas into practical solutions and the prioritization of product maintenance and enhancements to drive implementation through agile development teams.

The Product Owner will be provided with broad innovation ideas that are intended to drive strategic business impact. These prioritized investments are defined at a high level within an overall enterprise approach for business and technology. The Product Owner is responsible for leading research and discovery efforts that translate this big picture vision into detailed actionable designs.

Leveraging the solution design, the Product Owner will then be responsible for creating an overall roadmap for implementing the technology and business elements of the solution. This roadmap will be divided into iterative ‘thin slices’ of functionality that progressively test and evolve complex systems. The Product Owner will enable ongoing learning and adaptation of both the proposed design and roadmap as new insights are obtained during implementation.

For each ‘thin slice’ of functionality to be developed the Product Owner will develop the needed stories used by development and business teams to deliver elements of the solution. The Product Owner will actively support a dynamic and flexible agile delivery effort, leading efforts to build collaboration between delivery teams, business leaders and others in the Product Organization.

What you can expect:

  • Discovery and Design: Working with strategic guidance and goals provided by the Opportunity Architecture team, define how a strategic innovation will be designed to achieve its goals and how that design will fit within the broad vision of Pinnacol business and technology architecture.  
    • Collaborate with Opportunity Architects, business stakeholders and other collaborators to understand and refine the business goals and impact of innovation investments that are moving to development.
    • Working with User Experience Design specialists perform user and market research to clarify both internal and external needs and constraints on solution designs
    • Develop a detailed design vision that realizes the goals of the innovation within the overall enterprise technical and functional architecture
    • Assess opportunities to create synergies, shared functionality, and future flexibility within the solution design, to maximize the long term value of the innovation.
      Identify business and market efforts that must be implemented alongside the technical elements of the solution
    • Define overall measures of innovation progress and success that are based on outcomes (not just project completion outputs)
    • As new insights are gained through the evolving implementation, work with the Opportunity Architect and Technical Architect to design pivots in the design approach.
  • Execution Roadmap: Create and continuously update the roadmap for iteratively delivering the innovation. 
    • Lead efforts to identify key issues such as unknowns, questions, and areas of risk that need to be resolved through iterative testing and implementation
    • Collaborate with the Opportunity Architect and Technical Architect to define ‘thin slices’ of functionality that resolve key issues, build system elements, and provide measurable business value
    • Lead efforts to break the ‘thin slices’ of delivery into epics and stories that can be prioritized and analyzed in greater detail
    • Develop an overall roadmap for implementation of the ‘thin slice’
    • Define outcome based measures for each thin slice
    • Collaborate with the Opportunity Architect, technologists, Data Science, UX, scrum master and other business stakeholders to revise the roadmap based on new insights and changing needs
    • Address and prioritize product bugs, tech debt and enhancements in balance with innovation work.
  • Solution Implementation: Develop stories that provide a product backlog for the development team and other key stakeholders. 
    • Create stories that can be effectively used by agile development teams to drive technical development
    • Create stories that describe business stakeholder and other non-technical activities needed to implement the solution
    • On an ongoing basis lead efforts to groom and prioritize backlog items
    • Support QA team members in their efforts to test and accept stories that are completed by developers
    • Actively participate in the Agile Delivery process, coordinating with Scum Masters and team members to manage a steady flow of work and identifying and resolving roadblocks.
    • Work with others to manage inter-team dependencies to prevent impediments and foster collaboration
    • Act as a liaison between the development team and the rest of the organization to help resolve questions and negotiate decisions on details of implementation
    • Lead efforts to gather and evaluate outcome based measures for the implementation effort (not output/throughput measures)


  • Expand and improve personal knowledge in the area of product management and innovation best practices
  • Participate in and promote the development and adoption of new processes or changes to existing processes
  • Perform other duties as assigned

What you need to be successful:

  • Experience translating business and innovation objectives into specific tactical system development plans with the ability to define, measure, and improve key product metrics
  • Experience in an agile product development environment is strongly preferred, with responsibility for activities such as identifying opportunities, defining a product roadmap, creating business cases, driving execution activities, and measuring results.
  • Broad knowledge of technology concepts and system design principles which enable productive collaboration with technologists.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and cross-functionally across all levels of the organization.
  • Ability to work independently, with the ability to lead efforts that address complicated problems with adaptability and flexibility.

Preferred Qualifications

Medium level

Other Credentials


    Between 96300 - 103000 USD
    Per Year


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