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Staffing & Recruiting
Charlotte, NC

Company Description:

Mentra is the brainchild of both neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals, working synergistically create the bridge that connect recruiters with autistic candidates. By leveraging the scalability of Artificial Intelligence and an autism-first design approach, Mentra provides a neurodivergent-friendly application process that will put autistic candidates in front of inclusive recruiters rather than being having them forced to navigate through the challenging process of finding a job.

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Why Are We Hiring Neurodivergents?

At the core of Mentra’s mission: we see and understand a problem in the neurodivergent community and want to activate the potential of every individual striving to find their place in the working world. As firm believers in the quote “nothing about us without us”, Mentra is run by a team of dedicated neurodivergents and advocates, a majority of whom are on the autism spectrum. The team knows first-hand how impactful it can be to encounter truly accessible experience, especially during the hiring process. Looking through the lens of a job seeker, Mentra is building a service with accessibility at its core; reducing barriers to enter the workforce and empowering our candidates to take agency in their career journeys. Mentra’s philosophy is that this mission-driven effort also has business benefits. By creating an accessible employment network, we’re able to reach and maintain a much broader user base. Inaccessible experiences fail to harness the immense potential of the internet as an equalizing force and exclude users who may have incredible value to add, deepening the “disability divide”. Neurodivergents and individuals with other forms of disability form a powerful community with unique strengths that should not be overlooked. The only way to overcome systemic barriers to inclusion in today’s tech-driven world is to build with accessibility in mind.

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Assistive Technology
Screen reader technologyClosed captioning
Interview Accomodations
Interviewer experienced with neurodiversityAllowance of Fidgeting DevicesAlternate interview format
Executive Functioning
Email / calendar organizationTask managementWritten checklists
Accomodating Processing Speeds
1:1 meetingsChunking large amounts of content
Scheduling Needs
Flexible scheduleExtra time off for appointments
Hardware Needs
Quiet / individual workspaces
Support Ecosystem
1:1s with the team