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Employer ProfileEmbark Veterinary

Boston, MA

Company Description:

At Embark, we’re on a mission to improve the life and longevity of all dogs through science and technology. We’re equally passionate about making Embark a great place for everyone to work and grow by representing and reflecting the unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints of our people, partners, and the communities we serve. We know that talking about diversity and inclusion isn’t enough. Radical change requires empathy, action, and accountability.

Company Insights:

101 - 250
Company Size

Why Are We Hiring Neurodivergents?

We are making a push in many targeted area to increase DEIB hiring. We have a advocacy group that are always looking for opportunities to increase these areas in our company that need improvement in DEIB. Some of our drivers are the return to office. We are seeking to change our company environment to accommodate employees with different working styles and take approaches that allow for the freedom to request accommodations. Our founders are seeking to make changes in the way they approach the workplace and have the belief that the more neurodivergent employees we can bring in the more creative we can be in making the best working environment possible.

What makes our company neurodiverse friendly?

Individual Development

  • $500 Year for Professional Development
  • Impact/Outcomes Focused
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Training

Organizational Development

  • Managers and Senior Leaders are open to feedback
  • Awareness Training for Managers
  • Flexible Work Environment

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Hiring Steps

  1. 01

    Phone Screen with Recruiter, background chat, Salary and location, overview of roles itself

  2. 02

    (TBD) Possible assessment dependent upon role

  3. 03

    Hiring Manager chat: expectations for the role


Assistive Technology
Screen reader technologyClosed captioningColor contrast toolsScreen magnificationSpeech to text technologyAlternative Input Devices (joystick keyguard etc.)
Interview Accomodations
Frequent interview breaksExtra time
Executive Functioning
Email / calendar organizationDaily job-coach checkinsDaily remindersEmail writing helpPresentation helpCommunication plan
Accomodating Processing Speeds
Receive information in advanceWait time for processing information
Scheduling Needs
Flexible scheduleExtra time off for appointmentsShorter meetingsPeriodic rest breaksUninterrupted work time
Hardware Needs
Standing desksErgonomic seatingQuiet / individual workspaces