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Employer ProfilePied Piper

Logistics & Supply Chain
Sunnyvale, CA

Company Description:

Pied Piper is a compression software company that stores your data across a network of devices, giving you instant access to your data even though that data is not physically stored on the device you're using.

Company Insights:

101 - 250
Company Size

Why Are We Interested In Neuroinclusive Hiring?

Pied Piper is launching a hiring program to increase colleagues who are neurodiverse in our workforce. Our hiring program aims to provide meaningful employment opportunities for colleagues on the autism spectrum, with ADHD or dyslexia. The programs puts to use the unique strengths of neurodiverse colleagues as well as champions the growth and empowerment of our colleagues from all backgrounds, abilities, and life experiences. Through this program Pied Piper provides support for neurodiverse jobseekers during the recruitment process and the duration of the assignment once a candidate is hired. Pied Piper fosters a culture that focuses on employees through beneficial programs, aligned goals, continuous learning opportunities, and practices that create a more sustainable future.

What Makes Our Company Neurodiverse Friendly?

Individual Development

  • We provide employees with job coaches
  • We allow employees to bring their job coach in for support
  • We have a structured, neurodiverse-friendly onboarding process
  • We have structured, inclusive performance review sessions to provide frequent feedback to employees
  • We offer mentorship programs with other neurodivergents at the company

Organizational Development

  • Managers are given training on factors that enable neurodivergent success
  • Recruiters are given training to fairly evaluate neurodivergent talent
  • Employees are given training to ensure an inclusive team environment
  • We rally employees together through Employee Resource Groups to foster a sense of community

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Hiring Steps

  1. 01

    Initial Screening with Recruiter

  2. 02

    Interview with Hiring Manager (Technical & Behavioral)

  3. 03

    Call with Department Director


Communication Needs

Sign Language InterpreterCommunication Partner (for non-speakers)

Assistive Technology

Screen Reader TechnologyClosed Captioning

Interview Accomodations

Send Questions in AdvanceFrequent Interview Breaks

Executive Functioning

Email / Calendar OrganizationDaily Check-Ins

Processing Speeds

Receiving Information in AdvanceExtra Time to Process New Information

Scheduling Needs

Flexible ScheduleExtra Time Off for Appointments

Physical Needs

Accessible BuildingNoise-cancelling Headphones

Support Ecosystem

Job CoachingEmployee Resource Group
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speakers in a conference room.
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