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Darius Parris (He/him)


Currently living in

Lilburn, Lawrenceville, Georgia, US

Work Preferences


Open to roles

Unpaid InternshipInternship

About Me


I graduated from high school with honors. I am open to trying different career paths. I want to discover and explore my strengths and talents. I would like to see what career fits me best.

Ideal Workplace Values

Environmentally friendly, neurodivergent, autism-friendly, autism acceptance

My Badges

Skills and Strengths

Technical Skills

Top 5 Soft Skills

StructureConsistencyReliabilityAttention to Detail

Inclusion Essentials


Send Questions in AdvanceFrequent Interview BreaksInterviewer Experienced with NeurodiversityExtra TimeAlternate Interview FormatWritten interview instructionsSupport PersonEmail / Calendar OrganizationTask ManagementDaily Check-InsDaily RemindersEmail Writing HelpPresentation HelpCommunication PlanConcise InstructionsWritten ChecklistsReceiving Information in AdvanceWritten InstructionsRecorded Tasks & MessagesExtra Time to Process New InformationChunking Large Amounts of ContentFlexible ScheduleExtra Time Off for AppointmentsPeriodic Rest BreaksUninterrupted Work TimeEnhanced Lighting OptionsQuiet / Individual WorkspacesSelf-stimulation tools / gadgetCounselingJob CoachingAide / AttendantSupport Group for StressTherapyEmployee Resource GroupSupport with Self-Advocacy

Environments I'm comfortable with

Driving a vehicle
Working with food
Interaction with the public
Heavy lifting
Bright or blinking lights
Loud noises
Outdoors or places with strong smells
Standing for long periods
Variable temperatures
Working with animals
Uniforms (hard hat, hair net, etc.)


Check out my work

Working since Sep 2021

Customer Service - Publix Super Markets

I bag groceries and offer customers help with groceries. Collect shopping carts from the parking lot. Pick up orders from deli and bakery as a runner.

Manual labor skills

Education and Credentials

Attending since null

High School

High school (or GED)