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Cat Vega


Currently living in

Manheim Township, Warwick, Lititz, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, US

Work Preferences


Open to roles

InternshipCo-opShort Term ContractLong Term Employee

Skills and Strengths

My Neuro-exceptional talent

It seems when I am interested in something that I go in deep depth to understand how to do it. Like I wanted to learn how to mine crypto and figured it out. I wanted to learn how to knit my daughter a blanket when pregnant I researched and now can knit and crochet anything I feel like. When receiving my raw gene data, I had come to a realization that I may have an issue in the colon. They did a colonoscopy and found a precancerous tumor. I also have such strong empathetic values and analyze people and can see what others may not realize.

Technical Skills


Google Docs

Hypertext markup language HTML

Apple GarageBand

Top 5 Soft Skills

CollaborationAdaptabilityCreativityCritical ThinkingAttention to Detail

Inclusion Essentials


Closed captioningColor contrast toolsScreen magnificationSpeech to text technologySend questions in advanceInterviewer experienced with neurodiversityAllowance of Fidgeting DevicesExtra timeAlternate interview formatWritten interview instructionsSupport personEmail / calendar organizationTask managementDaily job-coach checkinsDaily remindersCommunication planConcise instructions for processingWritten checklistsReceive information in advanceWritten InstructionsRecorded MeetingsWait time for processing information Flexible scheduleExtra time off for appointmentsPeriodic rest breaksUninterrupted work timeMeditation / quiet roomNoise-cancelling headphonesQuiet / individual workspacesCounselingJob coachingSupport group for stressTherapyEmployee resource groupSupport with advocating

Environments I'm comfortable with

Heavy lifting
Loud noises
Standing for long periods
Working with animals
Driving a vehicle
Working with food
Interaction with the public
Bright or blinking lights
Outdoors or places with strong smells
Variable temperatures
Uniforms (hard hat, hair net, etc.)


Check out my work

Cat's Work Samples

Education and Credentials

Attended for 2 years from 2019 to 2021

Harrisburg Area Community College

Associate's degree - Applied Science for General Studies