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Andrew Vance


Work Preferences


Open to roles

Short Term ContractLong Term Employee

Skills and Strengths

My Neuro-exceptional talent

My neurodiversity gives me a unique way of thinking about problems and allows me to think outside of the box when looking for solutions. My mind has always been driven by finding answers to unambiguous questions. Along with how my mind thinks, my neurodiversity also allows me to work well under pressure, having found that tight deadlines and structure allow me to work my best. And while I have found that I work the best under pressure, that does not mean it is the only environment that I work well under. My mind is very adaptable in the way it thinks as well as the environment I work in, leading to a very "go with the flow" work style.

Technical Skills

Top 5 Soft Skills

AdaptabilityWorking Under PressureStrategic ThinkingLogical ReasoningCritical Thinking

Inclusion Essentials

Environments I'm comfortable with

Working with animals
Driving a vehicle
Working with food
Interaction with the public
Heavy lifting
Bright or blinking lights
Loud noises
Outdoors or places with strong smells
Standing for long periods
Variable temperatures
Uniforms (hard hat, hair net, etc.)


Check out my work

Andrew Vance GitHub Profile
Worked for 8 months from Jun 2021 to Feb 2022

Data Analytics Fellowship - Springboard

Analyzed airline data to determine ways to increase airline efficiency by looking into the causes and impacts of flight delays producing data cleaning techniques and preliminary analysis using Excel Produced final analysis and visualizations with Tableau finding Airlines experiences the most delays, influenced by a larger than average ration of late aircraft delays to overall delays ● Researched pulsar dataset to predict pulsar classification through the creation of alogarithmic regression model ● Conducted initial analysis using Python including libraries such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, Pandas, and NumPythat created logarithmic regression model to predict classification using the Statsmodel Python package ● Visualizations were created using Python and Tableau providing analysis which concluded variables Excess Kurtosis and Skewness have the highest correlation to classification ● Regression model successfully predicted pulsar classifications with an R-Squared value of 0.71

Working since Mar 2021

Marketing Administrator - Meacham/ Oppenheimer, Inc

● Increase company’s industry visibility through successfu lmarketing campaigns expanding toi ndustries and businesses regionally ● Communicate with real estate agents to create a marketing strategy for each listing producing marketing materials and emails for featured properties

Worked for 1 years, 0 months from Jan 2019 to Jan 2020

Assistant Video Editor - Grokker

● Maintained company’s monthly video schedule by producing featured video packages using Adobe Premiere ● Created XML metadata for delivery to top SVOD platforms including Roku, Comcast ,and Amazon and increased subscriber engagement by creating video content for marketing campaigns

Extensible markup language XML
Worked for 2 years, 0 months from Jan 2018 to Jan 2020

Production Assistant - KSBW

Ensured smooth onset operations to deliver clean and professional broadcasts to viewers through floor directing and camera operation ● Delivered timely video packages to producers for quick production and broadcast planning

Education and Credentials

Attended for 28 years from 2022 to 2050

Data Analytics Certification - Springboard


Attended for 14 years from 2021 to 2035

Business Intelligence Analysis Certification - UC San Diego Extension


Attended for 10 years from 2021 to 2031

IBM Data Analyst Certification - Coursera


Attended for 4 years from 2012 to 2016

San Jose State University

Bachelor's degree - Cinematography/Film/Vide Production